Our Services

Editorial Services

With the experience of B2B and contract publishing, Siliconmedia Publishing’s editorial team provides content solutions across a wide range of technologies, publications, markets, regions, and events.

We draft articles, case studies, and whitepapers of market-leading technology solutions and services based on exclusive interviews with the leading C-suite executives. Our objective reports cut through the marketing claims and help readers gauge the applications of technology solutions and services in the real world.

At Siliconmedia Publishing, we report with empathy and put technology at the heart of every story. We tend to the passion and curiosity of our tech-savvy readers through our B2B journalism.

Editorial Staff and Newsroom Team

Siliconmedia Publishing’s editorial team comprises passionate writers from both technology and journalism backgrounds. The team combines their rich industry knowledge to cover diverse industries and topics. We ensure the interviews, reviews, and advice we bring to you is backed by research, deep expertise, and strict methodologies.

Editorial Policies

All work published on our online and offline media platforms steers clear of hate yellow journalism, speech, carelessness, and half-truths.

To be fair and independent in our analyses, we strive to verify and corroborate information via multiple sources.

Business Process Management

Content without context means nothing. In keeping with today’s greater focus on content strategy, our business process management (BPM) practices are largely content-centric as opposed to one focused solely on processes.

Our mission is to help your business stop getting mislaid in the digital content stream.

Due to the huge volume of content flowing across various digital networks and channels, knowledge mining is becoming more complicated than ever. Without the implementation of our content-centric BPM strategies, the cost of your content strategies can quickly exceed its purported value. Our BPM services also ensure that your digital content gets interpreted accurately and effectively.

The end results? If effective BPM strategies are implemented in conjunction with our magazine's specials, huge volumes of content around those can be used to garner accurate insights that complement targeted demographic and geographical trends. The content can then be leveraged for your marketing and branding endeavors for attaining greater customer leads or creating/maintaining better customer relationships.

Ultimately, the goal is to keep you at the helm of vital industry discussions so that your brand is able to express its purpose.

We Believe Data without Discipline Leads to Distraction—And We Are Here to Solve that!

While in theory, the higher your content ranks on a search engine results page (SERP), the more likely it is for new prospects to lead to your website and convert as customers. However, as search algorithms are constantly evolving, you need to continually update your SEO strategy to make the theory work. This means, building your content strategy around SEO considerations alone will never be the most practical or cost-effective long-term solution.

On the flip side, content marketing focuses on developing quality content that engages your target audiences and provides them with valuable information about your brand, your products or services, and other relevant topics. With a successful content strategy, you can establish trust and build credible authority in your industry. Of course, if prospects can’t find your content when they’re searching, your creative development efforts are going to waste.

To fix this, we help you build robust SEO and content marketing strategies that complement each other.

Graphics Designing Services

We know your magazines need to impact your branding while remaining consistent with your visual marketing, design persona, and brand messaging. Our in-house graphic designing team, complementing our editorial services, helps you stay on top of the design trends so that your collateral can create the impact it deserves.

White Label Graphic Designing— A Dedicated Partner of Your Team

We provide excellent white label graphic design services to print and online publications looking to outsource their design services.

Software and IT Services and Support

We offer Php, Mysql, and other advanced technologies-based website development and maintenance services for publishing houses in the U.S., Europe, and Australia. We also have an ERP system built just for magazine publishers which support all functions from research to sales to content development. We do offer cloud-based offerings of this ERP system to our clients.

Delivering Excellence Shaped by Quality IT Servicing

We offer inexpensive and guaranteed prospect lead generation, data cleansing, contact data enrichment, and email marketing services.

Data Cleansing and Maintenance

Data is almost undeniably the most valuable asset in modern marketing functions. Yet, far too many organizations still suffer under the weight of inconsistent, incomplete, duplicated, redundant, and irrelevant data. The cost of utilizing such data not only leads to wasted effort but also taint business reputation. Our data cleansing and maintenance services ascertain that our client’s data is always accurate, relevant, and powerful any time it is unleashed onto the marketing campaign.

We also understand that data cleansing is a never-ending process. Our IT Services team does the legwork for our clients who enjoy hassle-free, cost-efficient, and uninterrupted access to clean, standardized, and validated data. We perform end-to-end lead and data cleansing and maintenance activities to blaze your marketing efforts.